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    Bronze Halo Eye Makeup Tutorial

    Another beautiful look that was highly requested when I worked at MAC cosmetics, was called “the halo eye” . This makeup tutorial goes into detail on how to achieve this look.

    I decided to use bronze tones, but you can achieve this look with any colors and textures.

    A halo eye simply means the same color on the outside of your eyelid and inner eye, then a contrasting shade in the middle of the eye. I used matte shadows on the outside and inside, then used a shimmer on the inner portion.

    You could do it the other way as well, using shimmers on the outside and inner, then a matte in the middle.

    I love that there are no rules to makeup!

    For my highlight on the inner tear duct, I used a product from MAC called “Copper Sparkle.” It came out a little darker than I expected, but I ended up really liking it once the whole look came together.

    Have you ever done that? Imagined the look you are creating to come out different and then ended up loving it more because it didn’t?

    I really love the eyeshadows from MAC Cosmetics and Morphe. They go on effortlessly and the color pay off is AMAZING!

    The brushes I use are from MAC cosmetics and a few from Morphe. As long as the brush I’m using doesn’t have all of the brush hairs coming out of it when I use it, I love it! It doesn’t matter what brand it is.

    I love wearing lashes, they really make the entire look more polished. Even if you are doing a soft glam look, a pair of soft lashes just to enhance the lash line looks so professional. Any type of Mink lashes are my favorite. They are so soft and luxurious.

    As you can see in most of my videos I like to start with the eyes first. This is just in case I have any fallout from the shadows or messed up on my liner, it is easy to clean up with a makeup wipe.

    I always believe in working smarter not harder so this method has helped me tremendously. Please check out my youtube channel and subscribe <——-click the red button that says subscribe and give any videos you like a thumbs up or comment.

    If you have any requests on any looks that you would like a tutorial on, please let me know in the comments section.

    Love yourself and never say you can’t do something. You can do anything you set your mind too! Have a wonderful day πŸ™‚