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10 Ways I Conquered Anxiety

10 Ways I Conquered Anxiety

Anxiety is characterized as a feeling of worry and nervousness usually occurring with an uncertain outcome.

I developed anxiety when I was young and it stayed with me until I decided I wanted to change. I didn’t want to live constantly worrying about money, relationships, and what other people thought of me.

Last year I got help through talking to a therapist. My whole life I was against ever going to therapy in fear of the therapist just putting a label on me without understanding the emotional and physical turmoil I went through.

The only reason I sought out help with the therapist I chose was from hearing about his backstory from someone who I would like to remain anonymous. I almost trusted the therapist without even knowing him, and I didn’t trust anyone at the time.

I was experiencing Anxiety attacks where my body would shake uncontrollably and my neck and chest would turn bright red. After dealing with it for so many years, I learned how to hide it and would be able to still have conversations with people without them noticing, but on the inside I was shaking like a leaf.

I am not saying therapy is the answer for everyone. Like I said, I NEVER thought in a million years I would ever go and talk to someone about my life and actually trust them  not to judge me.

I wanted to share the Top 10 Ways I Conquered Anxiety.

1) Getting Organized– I had unpaid bills, papers stuffed into a suitcase so I didn’t have to look at them, and eventually just gave up on the thought of being organized.

I got a filing cabinet and dividers and started organizing years of paperwork. It took a few weeks, but eventually I did it and felt so accomplished and the stress of that went away.

I also have a “Bills due this month” section in order of when they are due attached with a written document of each bill and how much so I can check them off each month as they are paid.

I also like this filing cabinet because it locks to keep your paperwork safe.

2) Get Help- Getting help doesn’t necessarily mean seeing a therapist. My sister has had success with meditation and kickboxing. You really have to want to change and accept the help, or you will just be wasting time and going through the motions, which in the long run will not help your anxiety whatsoever.

3) Live Day to Day– Set realistic goals daily, not six months from now. This will help reduce anxiety by living in the moment.

Make a checklist daily, starting out with one-five things you would like to achieve for the day.

I got a planner and I’m obsessed with it! Everyone is different, but the one that works for me is called “The Day Designer.”

Then as your anxiety depletes, you can set as many daily goals as you would like. And if a few don’t get finished for the day, roll them over to the next day and do not stress because they will eventually get done.

4) Find a Physical Activity You Enjoy Doing– I have been active my whole life and when I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease, my activity level stopped completely.

I became depressed and my anxiety reached an all time high.

I found that doing Pilates ,ask for Ariel Garcia. She is so down to earth and certified in Pilates and Physical Therapy. Pilates is a fun, great workout that stabilizes your back and works every muscle group in your body. It may look easy, but trust me it is not. I look forward to going every time and I feel great afterwards.

5) Adopt a Cat– I am a huge animal lover. I have grown up with cats and dogs, but for someone that struggles with anxiety I have found that cats are very calming and loving. Below is an adoption place called Helping Persian Cats that is AMAZING! They don’t only have Persians, but I love the Persian breed. My kitty I adopted from their organization is five years old and his name is Elvis.

  • IMG_6061

I also believe in adopting a cat from a shelter or organization and not buying a kitten. Kittens always get adopted, it is the three year old and up cats that have a harder time finding a home and to be perfectly honest, a grown cat already knows how to use the litter box. Training a kitten how to use a litter box can be stressful and time consuming. I wish I could have a cat and dog sanctuary where they can all be treated like Kings and Queens.

6) Reduce Medication Intake– I used to drown myself in certain medications so I wouldn’t have to feel any anxiety, with that I lost myself.

I walked around like a zombie not caring what was happening around me or to me.

I feel great now that I take my doctors recommended amount of anxiety medication at night before I go to sleep so that I am able to wake up the next day happy and motivated.

7) Eating Healthy- I have a gluten/wheat allergy and am lactose intolerant. I always wondered over the years why I felt so awful after eating pretty much anything with those ingredients in them.

I shop at Trader Joe’s now, which in my opinion is cheaper and there are more gluten free/dairy free options. My sister had this amazing dairy free Ice Cream at her house the other day that is low in calories and didn’t make my stomach hurt at all! Thanks Mere for the recommendation!!

8) Do Not Depend On Others To Make You Happy– I have learned after many years that only YOU can make yourself happy.

For example, get a massage, get your nails done, go to the beach, get your hair done…do whatever it is that makes YOU happy. Even if you are on a budget, there are still ways to fit in a few things that make you happy on a monthly basis.

9) Money Doesn’t Buy You Happiness– I am living proof that no matter how much money you have, you can still be lonely and miserable which equals ANXIETY.

Living within your means and having a budget every month is way more rewarding then depending on someone else to give you money or doing things to buy you happiness that one day you will regret.

10) Don’t live in the past– Keep moving forward. Don’t sit there and dwell on what you could have done better or why did I do that?

Think of your past as a learning experience and you wouldn’t be who you are today if it wasn’t for the things you have gone through. I lived in the past for so many years and for that reason chose awful guys for relationships because I didn’t think highly of myself and made bad decisions.

Now that I love who I am, I can have healthy relationships with guys that don’t treat me as an object, they actually like me as a person inside and out.

I hope this has inspired you to reach for the stars and never say you cant do something. I always had an excuse as to why I couldn’t do something and once I got all of the negativity out of my life, I live anxiety free and live the happiest I have ever been.

As Nike says “Just Do It”-Nike. Xoxo












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