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Anti-Aging Skin Care Tutorial

Here are a few tips on how to have an easy anti-aging skin care routine!

It is so important to take care of your skin because it is the largest organ in your body! Diet, exercise, H2O, and sunscreen are very important key factors in your anti-aging routine.

I found out recently that I have a dairy intolerance which was causing a lot of breakouts. I have completely removed all dairy from my diet and wow what a difference in the way my skin looks along with how I feel.

  • Wash your face twice a day with an anti-aging face wash. Get one specific to your skin type, i.e. if you have oily skin, get a cleanser that is geared towards oily skin.
  • Exfoliate three times a week with an exfoliating cleanser. If you have dry skin, exfoliating many only need to be done once a week in your routine. It is important to exfoliate the dead skin off of your face to ensure it doesn’t get into your pores which creates breakouts and blackheads.
  • Apply a mask twice a week to your face and neck. I have oily skin so I like charcoal masks to draw the oil out of my pores.
  • Use a toner to close the pores.
  • Apply a serum, even if you have oily skin, I recommend using a serum.
  • Last apply a moisturizer with SPF! Very important to have sunscreen in your moisturizer.

I hope this routine is easy and helps you achieve beautiful skin!!! Please Subscribe to my Youtube channel and give it a thumbs up!

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