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Bronze Goddess Makeup Tutorial

I hope everyone had a wonderful valentines day! I had a great time glamming everyone up at MAC DTLA!

A big request for me is to do a dewy bronze look so I decided to do a tutorial on how to achieve this look. The key parts for getting a dewy skin look is choosing the right foundation. You want to choose a foundation that has more of a satin finish like all the new serum foundations out there. Those have skin care plus will definitely give you that dewy look you are looking for. In the video I use the MAC studio water weight foundation that is perfect for this kind of look. A tip to these serum foundations is to use a beauty blender, makeup sponge, or a very dense makeup brush to ensure you are not going to look streaky.

Next is to choose a lightweight powder that is still going to show the satin finish of  the foundation, but still hold your makeup in place. This is a common struggle I find when talking with women/men who come into my store. I always show women/men a pressed or loose mineral powder foundation because this powder will keep your makeup on thru out the day and will keep your dewy look perfect. Mineral powder also has light reflectors in them to help bounce the sunlight off of the face to look radiant.

The last key part to have a dewy look is to use a finishing spray. I like to use the MAC fix + because it has glycerin in it to give the ultimate dewy look. Fix + is also going to bond all of your makeup together to make it look more natural. Fix + is a must have if you are just starting out in makeup, it has a lot of different key benefits and I like to spray my makeup brushes first then use my highlighters and eyeshadows because it will come on more pigmented!

I hope you enjoy my in depth video on how to achieve a Bronze Goddess Glow! Stay tuned for my next video!


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