Hair Styling

Who wants dry or damaged hair? Not me! Here are five tips to cure damaged hair. 


1.) Put coconut oil in your hair once a week for an overnight treatment. Put a large scoop of coconut oil in a bowl and warm it up for 10 seconds, apply it on dry hair from roots to tips and leave it on while you sleep. Wash it out in the morning and style as usual

My must have product is Moroccan Oil 

-use the correct products in your hair. If you can afford to use products from your hair stylist then great, but if not no worries and do some research on the best affordable hair products so you can get them at your local grocery store, things to look for are products that say “sulfate free” and “natural ingredients

2.) try to find heatless hair styles so no heat is being applied to your hair

-eat nutritious food like leafy greens and non processed foods, my sister taught me this recently and I can’t thank her enough for it

3.) use a wet brush when brushing your hair both wet and dry

4.) take a vitamin supplement, I drink “Shakeology” which has a lot of the nutrients I need for strong hair and nails. Before i started drinking this shake everyday my hair was so weak and never grew, my sister and I nicknamed my nails “baby nails” because of how small they were and Im so happy to not have to call them that anymore.

5.) I use dry shampoo in between washes to ensure you are not stripping your hairs natural oils


-bleach your hair more than once in one sitting

-wash your hair everyday

-use heat tools everyday

-tie your hair up to tight

-over color your hair, especially if you are going lighter

-skip the deep conditioner once a week

I am so jealous for all the people that can rough dry their hair and have it look beachy and beautiful! I look like I got electrocuted if I rough dry my hair so I’m hoping by continuing to deep condition and keeping heat off, my hair will slowly but surely come back to life

I have had my hair every color imaginable and my favorite color was platinum blonde which is of course the most damaging. Thank goodness I’m over that color and now I can just focus on the integrity of my hair. It felt like straw and was so unmanageable when it was wet.

I had so much chemical breakage and my ends would just break off when I brushed my hair so it would never grow. Once hair is completely damaged, there is no getting the hair to come back to life meaning no moisture can get absorbed into the cuticle of the hair.

I believe in natural hair masks and love to look on pinterest for a new one to try. Ingredients that I know work are coconut oil, avocado, honey, egg yolk, and yogurt.

Don’t give up on your hair, I’m living proof that no matter the severity of the damage, it will grow back and look shiny and beautiful again.