Life Style

You choose your own life style so fill it with things you love to do. I believe it is important to travel as much as you can in your lifetime to experience the beauty the world has to offer. I was so lucky and was able to go on the trip of a lifetime.


I was invited to go with my boyfriend, Dan, and his family to Greece. Dan’s brother, Rich, was getting married in Greece to his beautiful wife Athena. The ceremony was a three day party in a city called Patras. The night we arrived we had a beautiful dinner on the beach with Athena’s wonderful family. It is so fun to go somewhere that you do not speak the language and still be able to understand each other through body language and good vibes. That night was fabulous getting to know Athena’s family. They were so welcoming and accommodating to all of us.


The second day we lounged by the pool and went swimming in the ocean and continued the festivities with a ceremony called “the bed making ceremony” followed by a beautiful evening of dinner and dancing.

The bed making ceremony is a ceremony that blesses the couples fertility.


After dinner Dan and I went with a few friends  to explore the city of Patras. We went to a nightclub and a casino and I played on the “cat” slot machine. And I won lots of money!


The next day the ceremony was held at the greek church and followed with the most beautiful reception along the beach.  Athena was a beautiful bride. Her dress, hair, and makeup was flawless.

Being at the reception made me feel like I was in a fairytale. There were beautiful lanterns that were lit on the beach and lots of dancing and great food. Rich and Athena’s wedding  was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever been to. The evening concluded with a good prayer said for the newlyweds.

Everything was all so magical and I hope my wedding will be like this one day.

After Patras, Greece, Dan, his family and I went to Santorini Greece.

We stayed in a hotel that was like a castle along the oceanside. We went on a catamaran boat, went shopping at the cute little shops along the cobblestone streets and went out at night to the one and only bar on the island. During our stay, the electricity went out one night and didn’t come back on until the next day. Some of the locals were saying that sometimes the power will be out for weeks! Can you imagine? #Islandlife I wouldn’t care if I didn’t have electricity if that meant I could live on the island of Santorini.


After Greece Dan and I flew to Prague, Czech Republic. We spent five days there exploring the city and making memories that will last a lifetime. The nightlife in Prague is out of control! Such a fun party city to explore.

After Prague we went to Barcelona for eight days. In Prague and Barcelona we rented a house from a website called “airbnb” which let us rent someones house in the heart of the city and was less expensive than a hotel. Had Dan and I stayed at a hotel our bill would have stacked up quickly since we love to order room service and watch movies. Airbnb worked perfect for us.  We rented a small touring car that was much like a go cart one day. It allowed us to see much more of the city. Barcelona had a romantic vibe to it with all of the cafes and happy people.


Our next stop was Berlin, Germany. By the time we arrived here we were ready to wash some clothes and just relax. Dan was able to find us a suite with laundry machines in the basement that was just perfect. What a wonderful way to end our european vacation. Berlin has some fantastic architecture and beautiful parks to walk in.


Our miniature poodle, Zoey, was so excited to see us once we were home.

I am so grateful to have Dan’s family take me on such an epic adventure. There is nothing better than having friends and family to create the best life style you could ever imagine having.


Some tips I’d like to share about traveling is to pack light. Less is more. You don’t need everything you think you will need. Drink lots of water. If you do drink alcohol stay on the 1:1 ratio. For every one glass of alcohol you drink have one glass of water. It is more fun to go out and do everything you possibly can and not be hungover or feeling sick in the hotel room. Another tip I would like to share is to visit the local markets and pick up snacks and even dinner for some of the nights you are there so you can save money for the other things you want to do.  Also look on websites like “Airbnb” to save money on hotel costs and do your research prior to your trip. Research what the weather will be like, if there will be any festivals going on during the time you’re there. This allows  you to plan your trip accordingly.

I hope this post encourages you to plan a trip to somewhere you have always wanted to go. I can’t wait to go on my next trip around the world, probably somewhere tropical.

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