Make Up

I have recently been doing a lot of bridal makeup and I wanted to share my knowledge.  


I created 5 easy steps on how to book a bridal consultation.

1) Ask a lot of questions during the brides consultation. Make sure you are the expert and try to ask open ended questions. For example:

  • Tell me about your skin…
  • Tell me about your daily makeup routine…
  • Do you wear a lot of makeup daily?
  • Do you like eyeliner?
  • Where do you usually place your eyeliner?
  • Do you want to wear individual or strip lashes?

2) Go over pricing for the bride and bridal party so that there are no surprises the day off. Be very specific! Let her know the trial price and day of prices. Bridal Price Menu

I do airbrush makeup as well so I’m able to give the bride more choices. Airbrush makeup looks fantastic on the skin and lasts a lot longer than regular makeup. Airbrushing is not hard to do so if you don’t already do it, I would suggest taking a class on how to airbrush!

3) Make sure you have pictures of your previous work. Send them your website, instagram or any professional pictures that show off your makeup artistry skills. It’s ok if you are just starting out, just make sure you have something for your customer to look at.

4)Be available. Let the bride know that you are always there for her via text, phone, or email. Gather pictures after the consultation and share them with her to make sure you both on the same page about the look she wants on her wedding day.


5)Always be on time, have professional attire, have your hair and makeup done, and stocked with everything you will need. Have a variety of lashes to choose from and  if you airbrush, I suggest always keeping an extra airbrush gun in your kit just in case your regular one gets clogged or stops working.

It is important to stay organized especially as you become super busy. My sister recently purchased me a Day Designer and it keeps my life very organized. I don’t know what I would do without it. Thanks arts and classy for being the best big sister ever!FullSizeRender

Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.