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I have always loved looking at magazines and watching reality t.v. shoes to get inspiration for my own personal style ideas.

I adore clothes, shoes, sunglasses, and handbags! I have learned how to create looks with one expensive item and the rest at average cost.

For example, wearing a romper from Forever 21 belted with a Gucci belt makes the whole outfit look more high end.

My favorite nice things to invest in are bags and shoes! I am obsessed!

I recently became an affiliate with a brand “NoraNYC”. They have very fashionable sunnies for a great price. Clink the link NoraNYC and enter my promo code “ProGlamour” for money off! I am wearing the “Duffy” style. These are my new go to sunglasses for any outing.

There are also ways to dress up a casual outfit with a simple pair of heels and a nice cross body bag.

For example, a jogger set from Windsor matched with a pair of Guiseppi Zanotti heels and a YSL cross body bag makes the whole look expensive.

Also putting on a longer length jacket with a faux fur hood or leather jacket,  dresses your jogger set up!

Faux fur all the way on anything! Save our planets precious animals! So many are becoming more and more extinct, it kills me.

My go to outfit is a pair of high waisted jeans, crop top, and booties.


I love wearing hats when I don’t want to do my hair! I also put on a cute pair of sunglasses when I don’t want to wear any makeup.

I used to put on a full face of makeup five days a week working at MAC and yes it was so fun to create different looks, but your skin needs to breathe!

I love wearing no makeup now and have seen a huge difference in my skin. Even if you buy “the best makeup” for your skin and the best primer, it is still clogging your pores and irritating your skins natural PH.

I also wanted to point out an amazing website for all of you 5’8” girls/boys or taller out there! I have always had trouble finding jeans that have a long enough inseam because I am 5’8″! This website has a “tall” section and the inseams go all the way to 38″! The website is called Asos !!!! 

I am absolutely obsessed with this website! They have great shoes too!

I hope this inspires you to have new style ideas.





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